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Archive of Raffled Hunter Classics Cues.  

Wes Hunter sponsors the Hunter Classics Amateur Women’s Tour by donating a cue valued at a minimum of $1,700 for every stop.   Take a look at the photos and descriptions of some of the Hunter Classics Custom Cues Wes Hunter donated in the past:

Drawing is held before finals of Hunter Classics Amateur Women’s Tournament.  Need not be present to win.

Tiger maple forearm with 6 Ebony points.  Ebony spearheads on top of points.  Ebony butt with Tiger band. 
2 shafts, 13 mm, 19.4 oz.  value$1,800. 
Serial No. 07098037.

Tiger maple forearm, 5 Cocobola points, tiger maple butt with cocobola band, 5 cocobola double spears.  2 shafts.  13 mm.  19.2 oz. 
Serial No. 05098029

East Indian Rosewood Forearm, 5 Tiger Maple Points, East Indian Rosewood bottom with Tiger Maple Band, 5 Tiger Maple Double Spears  2 shafts.  13 mm. 19 oz.  Value $1,700. 
Serial No. 05098025

East Indian Rosewood forearm with 5 lacewood points.  Tiger maple diamonds between points.  East Indian Rosewood butt with lacewood band and 5 pointed windows of tiger maple in butt.  2 shafts.  13 mm. 19 oz.  Value $1,700.  Serial No. 04098015

Tulipwood forearm with 6 Cocobola points.  Cocobola diamonds above short points.  Tulipwood butt with Cocobola band.  3 Coco diamonds on butt.  2 shafts - 13 mm. 18.9 oz. 
Value $1,600
 Serial No. 02098009

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