Melinda Bailey
Mansfield, TX
Cue:  Jacoby Custom
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Nickname:  The Texas Trigger

Pic taken Oct 2007 by Shayla Neris.
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Melinda is a valuable member of the Hunter Classics Board.

Well, let's pool-life story?  First... I was born Feb 9, 1970 in Okinawa, Japan and moved to San Antonio, Texas a year and a half later and lived there for about 25 years, except I guess when I went to A&M for my Meteorology degree.  I had the most fun in my life at A&M and would never take it back! With this Meteorology degree, I forecasted the Weather for the National Weather Service in New Braunfels, TX (between Austin and San Antonio) and then for a year and half in Jacksonville, FL. I then made a career move back to Texas and now work in Fort Worth at the National Weather Service Regional Headquarters.  I love my job; the weather affects everyone's life, everyday! Whether you work outside as a lifeguard, or you are a housewife hanging out the clothes, or even a pool player planning that weekend trip to a Tournament, the weather affects your life!

Now about pool... I began playing pool in high school. When I would get bored playing the video games at the arcade, I would hit a few balls around on the pool table. I became more interested in pool at A&M, where I played more frequently and entered in my first local tournament.  After graduating A&M in 1992, I started to play pool more by joining leagues and playing in weekly tournaments around San Antonio. I also started to go to McDermott Tournaments around the state and hanging around pool players and pool halls all the time. I found myself at the pool hall even on holidays!  

In 1997, I finally got serious about pool and I started to play in more and more regional tournaments, including several different tours across the country and of course the BCA Nationals every year in May.

I practice at least once a week.  I practice by myself for about 1 1/2 to 3 hours at a time...always on a nine foot table playing 10-ball.  

Mentally, pool is very challenging! Thinking positive, focusing, and confidence, I feel, are the keys to playing good pool. After the mechanics are down, the mental part is essential! The mental part of pool is part of my practice routine and although I've improved in this area, I've got a long way to go!   Luckily, I love learning and feel it is an essential part of life's journey.

Goals are very important in every day life, and in pool also! If you write down your goals, or state your goals, your subconscious mind will follow. Imagine telling your friend, "I want to improve my break." Well, you have just stated a goal out loud and your subconscious mind doesn't want you to look bad, so it will help you to achieve that goal. In other words, don't keep goals to yourself - say them out-loud, with affirmation. Mohammed Ali used to always declare "I am the greatest!" Well, his subconscious mind didn't want him to look like an idiot...and he was the greatest!! 

I could go on and on about thinking positive. I would love to talk to anyone about it, at anytime; just let me know. Thinking positive really does help your game!  I recommend the books Dare to Win and Mental Toughness Training for Sports.

I live and breathe pool. However, I also work 40 hours plus a week, help run the Hunter Classics Tour, am a webmaster for numerous websites... and so it is very difficult to dedicate all of my free time to pool. But, I love my passion and will keep it up as long as I can! You only live once!

Practice is very important...whether on the table, mentally, reading or watching videos. Playing pool well does not come overnight, nor naturally; and you will get frustrated at times. Even though everyone says practice is the most important thing, I think this is even better: someone told me once, "My best advice to you, is make sure you still have fun."

See you soon and come talk to me anytime! 

Important Pool Milestones in My Life:
May 1997: 2nd place  - Team Event BCA Nationals
Oct 1998: 4th place - Hunter Stop at G-Cue Billiards
Nov 1998: Voted "Most Improved Player" by the Hunter Tour
April 2000: Runner-Up at the Florida State Championship
Aug 2000: Winner of the Second Chance Tournament (my first time)
Oct 2000: Runner-Up - the Ladies Florida Tour Stop
Dec 2000: Awarded "Best All Around" by the Ladies Florida Tour
Oct 2001: Won "BCA All American" Stop in Paris, TX
May 2002: Became a Master player by placing 9th at the BCA Nationals
Year 2002: Most consistent year to date.  Placed "in the money" in every Hunter event and also in two prestigious events where I previously never got in the money (4th in both the Houston Open and Texas State Open).
Year 2004: 2nd place in Fast Eddie's Tournament Jan 3 in Austin.
Year 2007:  5th place in Scotch Doubles at BCA Nationals (Royce Bunnell was my partner)
Year 2008:  1ST PLACE at the Southwest Amateur Tour in Killeen, TX, Feb 10th!!! (my Birthday weekend, too)