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Submit Your Bio Online
Submit Your Bio Online

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Message Board

We now have a Membership Group over at Read notes and/or post announcements to/from Hunter Tour members!

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Tour History

There's a lot of information about the Hunter Classics Tour available online.  How did we get started?  Who has won what awards?  Which players are now Pros?  Read about all of this and more in the Tour History Section.

Email the Board Members

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Travel Tips

Travel Tips The Hunter Classics Board has gathered and collected tips for traveling for our members!  Packing, driving, flying, safety, hotels, etc. 

Submit Suggestions

Suggestion BoxSubmit your Suggestions to the Board members. We want to hear from you! Tell us what you think anonymously to all the board members at once.

Pool on TV Email Service

No longer will you have to keep checking ESPN or your favorite web site to make sure that you don't miss pool when it comes on television. Go to AZBilliards and sign up for their TV Minder Service.