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How to contact the Hunter Classics Tour Board of Directors

Hunter Tour Board Members
Lucille, Helen, Julie, Monica and Melinda

All inquiries about the tour in general may be directed to or you may contact any other member of The Board. See below: 

In addition, you can email all the board members at one time by clicking here.

Julie Stephenson (bio page)
Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas

All financial responsibility will be up to your Treasurer, Julie.  Julie is also responsible for admin-type things, including new membership and the WPBA contact for the tour, and she also runs the tournaments.

Lucille Donahue
Travel Coordinator PO BOX 975
Sante Fe, Texas(Houston area)
Cingular 702-767-3381
Verizon 281-229-3591

Lucille is your Travel Coordinator and tour promoter.

Melinda Hinojosa (bio page)
Media Contact, Photographer and Webmaster
Mansfield, Texas

Melinda is responsible for the Hunter Tour Website, photos, points, articles, communication with the media and runs the tournaments.

Monica Anderson
(bio page)
Dallas, Texas

Monica is responsible for the Newsletter and running the tournaments.

Helen Hayes (bio page)
San Antonio, Texas

Helen is responsible for running the tournaments and reviewing documents.

Wes Hunter

Advisory Board Member
P. O. Box 2051
Alamogordo, NM  88310

As the Advisory Board Member, all decisions/ideas are discussed with Wes Hunter before being implemented.





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